Flight Cancelled? Here Are The Steps To Make A Travel Insurance Claim

Flight Cancelled? Here Are The Steps To Make A Travel Insurance Claim

It is an undeniable fact that terrorist activities are increasing across the world. Therefore, most of the international travellers today are realizing the significance of buying travel insurance prior to boarding a flight in a bid to stay protected and covered during emergencies which may lead to the flight delay, interruptions and cancellation. Buying the right Travel Insurance is the crucial part of your travel as it covers you against all the unexpected events like:

  • Accidents en route
  • Baggage loss
  • Delay of flights
  • Cancellation of flights for any reason
  • Trip delays
  • Cancellation due to personal reasons to curtailment owing to the terrorist attack, political emergencies and war

What Kind of Claims Can be Made With Travel Insurance?

In case, your flight has been delayed or cancelled due to any emergencies like a terrorist attack, war, political emergencies, which may hamper your trip or itinerary and cause monetary losses, then you are eligible for making Trip Curtailment Claims to your insurance provider. Some of the other reasons that make your eligible for making Travel Insurance Claims are flight curtailment, trip cancellations and flight interruptions.


However, it is necessary for policyholders to read the diverse grounds carefully prior to claiming for trip cancellation. If the flight to your destination has been cancelled due to emergencies, then you are eligible for making trip cancellation claims. Moreover, if the returning flight to your home is cancelled due to outbound flight cancellation, then you are eligible for making claims under your trip cancellation benefits.

Read Documents Before Making any Claims

Being the policyholder, it is necessary for you to read all the fine prints of your travel insurance plan to know the coverage areas and terms of the insurer. Since the global terrorism activities are increasing, you need to ensure that the travel insurance you have bought provides coverage for all acts of terrorisms because it may lead to volatile situations while travelling. Not all insurance providers offer coverage for terrorist acts. So, ensure to buy policies that offer such coverage, especially if you are travelling abroad.

Insurance players actually don’t prioritize the parameters of terrorism, war and riots. So, if you are victimized by any terrorist act while travelling or your flight has been cancelled due to any acts of terrorism, then you are not eligible for making any claims under your travel insurance because such acts are not covered by your insurers. So, it is necessary that you read all the fine prints and terms of the travel insurance prior to buying one.

It is suggested, you must always cover yourself and your family if you are planning to holiday abroad at any exotic destination. Buying travel insurance must be a crucial part of your travel plan.