Sun and Moon Positions in Scorpio and Our Challenge

Sun and Moon Positions in Scorpio and Our Challenge

This salad plant, also known as escarole because of its wider leaves, can grow in any typical garden soil as long as it has enough humus and normal moisture. Similar to lettuce, its Scorpio Moon Personality Traits succulent growth must occur fairly quickly in order to produce tender leaves. Its growth will be slowed down on poor, dry, exposed soil, resulting in leaves that, if they do form in large numbers, will be tough and overly pungent.

Use the same spot where lettuce did well early in the spring to grow endive, and add a thin layer of compost between the rows.

Using the Moon to Plant

When the moon is in one of the following Zodiac Signs and the first quarter, or waxing, endive should be planted: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Libra, Virgo, Gemini

Note: Both seed planting and transplanting can be done using this formula.

Thinly sown seed should be covered with no more than 1/3 inch of clean sand, mature compost Moon Personality Traits  humus, or a combination of the two. Seed, sand, and humus can be thoroughly combined in a container before being spread along the bottom of a shallow trench to simplify the task. The plants should be thinned so that they can stand one foot apart in the row and the rows should be spaced about a foot apart. For a fall crop, seed must be sown in late summer.

Scorpio Moon

Endive can be grown in a seedbed that is shaded or in a flat or similar container that is placed in a partly shaded area. Stretching cheesecloth over flats and seedbeds can shield them from the intense summer heat.


The slightly bitter, unappetizing flavor of the leaves can be eliminated by blanching. This may be accomplished by inverting flowerpots over the plants, by placing foot-wide planks on edge so Moon Personality Traitsthat they cover the row with a light-tight miniature roof, or by tying up the heads when the plant is about half-grown and the head fairly well formed. To do this, draw together the long outer leaves and tie them with a soft string or a strip of muslin. The plants should remain covered or tied for about three weeks.

Conclusion: Moon Growing

The phases of plant formation are encouraged or discouraged by the moon.Many generations of gardeners held this to be the best manual for producing robust crops.  We can either accept or omit this system of understanding the nature of plant maturation but in the end we are but stewards in this cycle of life and there are many things yet to be discovered.