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Hawking’s death anniversary 2022

British scientist Stephen Hawking passed away on the 14th of March in the year 2018. The death of Stephen Hawking in the age of 76,...

Single Genetic DNA Test Can Find 25 Rare Diseases Faster Than Ever

Scientists have devised a rapid genetic DNA test that allows for the diagnosis of many rare diseases of the nerve and muscle with nearly...

New Interesting Reddit communities feature

Mobile Reddit users might be aware of a compass icon residing on the bottom bar of the app. That's Reddit's newly revealed Discover Tab, its...

Would We Recognize Alien Life? Scientists Try To Predict Life As We Don’t Know It

Could We Recognize Alien Life? Scientists are trying to predict life in the way we do not know it currently .The only source that we...

In Midair The First Rocket Launch from Mars Will Start

In the next decade the rover of a small size in Mars will gather pieces of rock that were left behind by an earlier...

Colombia’s deforestation has raised in peacetime

Germany halting the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia after its invasion of Ukraine has made it clear that finite natural resource are points of tension...

Understanding: How Black Holes Form

The black holes could be able to make a convincing argument for being among one of the most intriguing phenomena throughout the Universe and researchers are always finding out more about how they function and behave - as well as how they're made in the first place.

50 yrs ago freezing sperm faced scientific doubt

The issue is that there is a lot of divergence on the amount of time sperm could be freezing,

Grants to Futuristic Tech Development by NASA

NASA has announced another round of grant money to one of its most innovative initiatives -- it's the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. The concepts are a wide range.

How Taiwan utilized a simple technology to limit the spread of Covid-19

"Most individuals living in the United States do not want to be tracked, but in Taiwan If you state that we're tracking you to...

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