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An Incident That Caused Keyshia Friendship With Eve To End

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Chile! If you’re an ‘either-or’ friend, Keyshia Cole used to be ready to lay feet on people! But an event that decided to end her relationship with Eve has made her reflect on her behavior. In a recent episode on TV One ‘Uncensored,’ the Oakland singer spoke about how her poor behavior cost her her career.

“When I returned from Oakland California the state of California within my head. The attitude, the things that would occur, the way we dealt with it in the “hood. It was as if we were fighting. It took me a long time to get used to not putting my hands on anyone and you’ll already know what I’m saying,” she said. She recalled how she kicked the woman who grabbed her purse at the club.


“There was an incident that took place during Eve. We’re leaving, and someone was grabbing her bag or something similar to that, and I sort of turned around and hit the girl.” Keyshia said. Keyshia. “It was like “girl, what’re you doing? Get back up.” While the video went on, Keyshia explained how the punch irritated the first lady from Ruff Ryders. Keyshia stated, “Eve was really pissed off that we haven’t been hanging out anymore. She said “I’m not allowed to hang out with Keyshia because she’s doing things like slapping other people.'” Although the “Love” singer was confused by the reason Eve was angry and how she felt, she shared what she had learned.

Keyshia Cole

“It has taught me many things later on, too as a result of what I am now. There is a chance that she could be sued, too. I’m a part of her team I should have let it go to security. Someone gets paid for it You know what I’m talking about.” Keyshia also stepped into The Shade Room and commented, ” I can see why she was pissed off.” Roommates Are you of the opinion that Eve did the right thing in breaking up her relationship with Keyshia?

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