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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Appreciate the Importance of Women

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It’s no secret that the world isn’t always kind to women. We’re objectified, judged, and expected to be perfect in every way possible—including being perfect mothers, perfect housewives, and perfect career women. It can feel like we just don’t have enough time in the day or enough energy in our bodies to meet these expectations that are put on us from all sides of society, from Hollywood to Wall Street to the White House. But despite these obstacles and many more that women face worldwide, this year—and every year—we have reason to celebrate.

The Evolution of Women in World History

One hundred years ago, women could not vote, hold elected office, or even sit in court as a witness. In fact, many countries worldwide had laws restricting their roles in society, with some putting a cap on their salaries. Although there is still progress to be made today, it’s important to celebrate how far we’ve come. Here are three ways that women have shaped world history from antiquity until today:

1. Societal Changes: The Greek goddess Athena may have been born fully grown from her father’s head—but she didn’t stay that way for long. She went on to become one of history’s most powerful female figures and led armies into battle. She was also an innovator, dedicating herself to creating many new inventions that benefited humankind.

2. STEM Fields: For thousands of years, women were thought incapable of working outside the home and performing productive jobs at all—unless they were doctors who worked exclusively with other women and children. Slowly but surely though, things began to change starting in 1875 when Elizabeth Blackwell became America’s first female doctor.

3. Office Space: Even today, you might think twice before hiring a woman for your company based solely on her gender—at least if you work in China!

Why celebrating women on any day isn’t enough

How we honor women each year has become an even bigger letdown than usual. Every year, on International Women’s Day, many celebrities write posts about how important it is to celebrate women, especially since March 8 is also observed as Women’s Day in a number of countries around the world. But don’t just read all those essays about how important it is for us all—men included—to recognize and value what women do in our lives every day; listen instead.

We have a serious problem here. If we truly did value and appreciate women for everything they bring into our lives every day—be it at home or at work or as leaders in public policy, science or entertainment—things would be very different from what they are today. This issue goes far beyond remembering that one particular day is meant to honor them. As long as we just acknowledge their importance once a year, then move on with business as usual for 364 days of the year, nothing much will change, and violence against women will continue unabated.

The Gift Of Motherhood

Motherhood is something that no matter how old you are or how old your children are, it can never be taken away from you. No one will ever understand quite what it’s like to give birth to a child or hold them for the first time. In our busy society it has become easy to forget about just how important motherhood is but in reality without mothers we wouldn’t be here. To celebrate women day I am writing an ode to mothers everywhere because without them where would we be? The core values of equality need to be instilled within all people regardless of their sex, gender identity, race, sexual orientation or any other social constructs. Equality makes sense on a logical level.

The world is filled with hatred and ignorance at times; we cannot expect equality when there isn’t mutual respect between genders and all races/identities. We need more voices championing equality not only today but every day; next year even though women day isn’t until March 8th 2019 we need these messages now!

The Influence Of A Woman In Society

For those that know me, it’s no secret that I come from a gender-neutral society. As a result, growing up in India, most things were equal between boys and girls, even if education was often more focused on our male counterparts. However when my family moved to London, at 13 years old, we all came under scrutiny from a culture that had different views on what constituted feminine behaviour. But it wasn’t until recently that I realized how important these lessons were in shaping who I am today; lessons which helped change my perspective on women in today’s society.

Women's day

When my mother introduced me to feminism, an ideology whose main principle was equality for both sexes, she introduced concepts like societal norms and the patriarchy – two powerful words that helped open my eyes and educate me on ways men have privileged themselves over women through history. Though I wasn’t initially enamored with these lessons; using corsets or fighting for suffrage? No thanks! There were many subjects along the way during university such as Psychology 101 where I met several female professors such as Carol Dweck (Columbia University) and Laura Schmalzl (University of Arizona). Through their research they enlightened me about parental parenting styles influencing children towards achievement via praise vs criticism.

Celebrating Women In History

In honor of International Women’s Day, it’s important to stop for a moment and think about some of our most influential women in history. Maybe even go back in time to read up on some lesser-known names that’ve helped shape our future. (And no, not just those who look like Jennifer Lawrence.) Don’t get me wrong—celebrating strong women like Katniss Everdeen is great, but there are plenty others out there who inspire us with their relentless courage, bold creativity or exceptional wisdom. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of nine powerful female voices worth listening to

1) Emily Dickinson When asked if he had ever written poetry as good as hers, Thomas Wentworth Higginson wrote: I feel very much as if I had been beaten by her. She inhabits a place where few have found entrance.

2) Hillary Clinton Her words will undoubtedly be immortalized: If equal pay for equal work is not achieved soon, then wage discrimination will forever remain a blot on our national character.

3) Lady Gaga Lady Gaga said she was diagnosed with PTSD from being raped at 19 years old during an interview earlier this year on Howard Stern Show.

No Matter What Age You Are

It’s impossible to be a woman these days and not have at least one fear creep into your thoughts. Even my girlfriend who doesn’t have an ounce of insecurities has times when she will suddenly become self-conscious about her looks or ability. It comes with being human, but it seems that we women somehow manage to make something out of it, too.

women's day

That’s why today, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, let me tell you how I learned to stop worrying about what other people think. So for all you girls out there, whether twenty-five or seventy-five: You are beautiful. You can do anything—or try to anyway. And don’t forget that no matter what age you are, there is always someone trying their hardest to tear you down (or just plain bother you). Don’t fight them; they hate every minute of it; and more importantly, they know they can never really win!

So Thankful That We Have Evolved From Days Gone By…

In India, we are known for many things. The Taj Mahal, which was built by a Mughal Emperor in memory of his beloved wife is perhaps our most famous monument. For decades, it has been considered a symbol of India’s culture and history. In today’s day and age, however, you could also describe Taj Mahal as a monument to misogyny.

Built in 1653 CE by Shah Jahan (Emperor), it has long since been considered an architectural masterpiece—but it is also frequently referred to as one of humanity’s greatest contributions to glorifying inequality. It highlights just how much women were valued back then versus now… where they are so much more than objects that can be bought and sold.

How have we evolved from days gone by? Today’s world is full of hope for girls – hope for equality, hope that their potential can be tapped into; no matter what their background or gender identity may be! From school children who stand up against bullying to activists who try to break down walls between communities–the future is bright!



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