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Red Carpet Debut Married Couple

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Louis Diame and Issa Rae just made their first red carpet appearance together as a married couple. The couple attended the Critics Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. Rae presented Halle Berry the SeeHer award. Rae looked stunning in a Carolina Herrera red and floral gown while her half-sister looked smart in a black suit.

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Although it’s not clear when Rae and Diame started dating, he was initially linked to Rae as her boyfriend in 2012. Rae posted photos from her wedding to Instagram last July, along with a humorous caption. “A) Impromptu photo shoot in a custom @verawanggang dress. B) I had my girls come to help me, and they were all wearing the same dress. They were so embarrassed. C) Next, I took a few flicks together with Somebody’s Husband,” she wrote.

Louis Diame

Rae and Diame keep their romance private. Rae and Diame rarely discuss their relationship outside of a few brief public appearances. She did however make an exception when she spoke to Self magazine in September. She said that she was extremely happy about her marriage with Diame. Rae also shared briefly her thoughts on starting a family. She said, “I like my life. I like this selfishness. And I know that there is a window.” “I want as much as possible while I have the opportunity.”

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