Friday, October 7, 2022

What’s Next Rerelease? Will Taylor Swift

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It’s an all-day job to be an Swiftie! From Swift’s frequent social media presence and few interview to the music video that are chock-full with Easter egg-themed videos Fans aren’t stopping at nothing to discover the meaning that Swift’s actions reveal. Everyday, there’s a brand new fan theory that’s circulating among the flood of theories on the next new album Taylor Swift is likely to revisit next, some theories are so convincing to be true! to be accurate!

The 11-time Grammy winner continues with her efforts to record her older masters (albums one through six) the fans are to know which album she’ll decide to release next after the enormous commercial success “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” and “Red (Taylor’s Version). ” Is it her self-written masterpiece “Speak Today,” or the 2014 pop masterpiece “1989”? There’s a split in the middle between the two likely songs. If you’re wondering which one will be coming up next you can go to the bank and hope that Swift will be worth the long wait!

Will Taylor Swift

We break down every idea and Easter eggs Swift may have kept for us to unravel the mystery surrounding her next masterful re-recording.




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