Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Signal rolls out new feature that will let users customise their stories

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Instant messaging application Signal has rolled out a new feature to let users customize the way they post stories on the platform. The new feature will enable users to maintain end-to-end encryption.

According to Signal, the stories will automatically expire 24 hours after being shared. However, the platform has stated that users can manually delete them earlier. To delete the stories, users need to go to Settings and then to Stories and turn it off. This according to the platform will help users to maintain the utmost privacy.

“Today, stories have created a major shift in communication in the social media domain, and introducing such cool features is another dynamic to amplify content engagement in a hassle-free mode. There has been conjecture on maintaining privacy, and with the new feature introduced at Signal, it enables the user to have intimate conversations with the people who matter,” the company said in an official release.

The company has said that it has also opted for a broader way of handling the story-viewing feature. Now, users will be able to view stories with all of their Signal connections. According to Signal, everyone in the contact list with Signal, anyone who had a 1:1 conversation on signal, and anyone whose message request has been accepted in Signal can view stories.

Moreover, users will now be able to share their stories with a smaller set of people and create a custom format to keep track of who has viewed their stories. According to Signal, when a user shares a story with one of their pre-existing group chats, anyone in the group can see the story as well as comments and reactions to it by other members. Also, users can see updates that other members share with a group story even if they have not interacted directly or outside the group.

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