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Mobile Reddit users might be aware of a compass icon residing on the bottom bar of the app. That’s Reddit’s newly revealed Discover Tab, its first new feature in more than two years. It’s intended to provide users an easier method to discover the ever-growing amount of communities. And it’s very simple to use.

How does the Discover Tab works

The compass icon mentioned above is located between the app’s home button as well as the plus icon which allows you to create posts (it’s not accessible on the internet). Click it and you’ll be able to see an array of photos and videos. Reddit believes you’ll find interesting depending on the communities you’re member of and have spent a significant amount of time looking through.

“We’re ushering in a brand new age that is a new way to discover on Reddit with videos and images at the forefront of your mind,” Reddit’s director of products for communities and content, Jason Costa, said in a statement , which was released in conjunction with its February-end launch. “We’re making finding relevant communities and content easier.”

It also allows you to show potentially interesting content before those who have disabled various recommendations settings (tap the icon for your account, followed by Settings and then your username to access the posts). Even if you’ve turned off Reddit’s ability to insert suggested posts into your home feed , and instructed that it should not make use of your IP address, or interact with partner websites or apps to recommend content Discover Tab will still work. Discover Tab will still work.

How do you utilize Discover Tab on Reddit? Discover Tab

Unfiltered Discover Tab is a scrollable combination of suggested posts that have the name of the subreddit displayed above. Select one, and it’ll bring you to the community which you can browse through to see if want to join. If you decide to join click on the blue “join” icon (based upon where you are in the web page) then you’re signed up.

Now, if you like your Discover Tab like you prefer your selfies–filtered–look to the top of your screen. Just below the search bar, as well as an icon for the profile as well as your main menu there are topics in bubbles. Scroll left to reveal more. Select one of them to transform the feed that is more general into one specifically tailored to the subject you’ve touched as well as scrolling down to see what might interest you.

You can continue to go through these filters , but you’ll soon reach the bottom, as the app displays only 25 of them at a given time. It’s not a problem to you can swipe downwards at the very top of the page to refresh the entire Discover Tab.

How can you enhance the Discover Tab

Feedback is crucial, regardless of whether you’re a web-based business valued at over 10 billion dollars or a child who has doodled the most self-defying self-portrait you instructor has seen. This is the reason Reddit has integrated responses in their Discover Tab so you can determine whether their suggestions are good or not.

Reddit mobile

To locate them, hold and press on the item you want to feed to display a menu of the following choices:

  • Display more posts similar to this. Select this option, and Reddit will be grateful for your comments. You’ll find other identical items like these in the coming days.
  • Display fewer posts similar to this. There are two options here either less of this particular post or the community that it’s part of. Whichever you decide to choose, Reddit will block it out in Your Discover Tab feed as you scroll, and you will not be allowed to tap on it.
  • Report. The form will be opened. complaint form to inform Reddit that the post is in violation of the rules of a subreddit. It constitutes harassment, spreads inaccurate information, or falls within many other unsavory categories.
  • Share. Clicking this button will open you a variety of options for sharing, including the ability to crosspost on another subreddit or copy the link directly.
  • Save. It’s as simple as that It saves the post. You can retrieve it in the future by clicking your profile’s icon and then saved.
  • Send to chat. This is a way to put your post directly into a conversation with others on Redditors.

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